BETAjet® 400 Hz ground power cables

BETAjet® 400 Hz cables are halogen free, most of them flame retardant and oil resistant, with improved fire performance and increased resistance to temperature. 400 Hz power supply systems provide the external power supply for aircraft on the ground. This system comprises both static cables in buildings and underground ducts as well as flexible connexions between buildings, passenger boarding bridges, hangars and the aircraft.

LEONI offers also special power cables for mobile power supply units (GPU) used on the ramp.


BETAjet® · BETAlux®

400 Hz ground power cables 5 kV airfield lighting cables


BETAjet 400 FRNC-smartflex-V2

Highly flexible 400 Hz ground power cable


BETAjet® 400 Hz cables

for supply unit of helicopters and aircrafts on board