Cables for towing & underwater cables

We offer tensile cables with either steel or aramide strain relief elements for rated loads up to several tons. Our trailing and underwater cables can be set up for neutral buoyancy and flotation especially for use on submarine robots.

Such hybrid cables guarantee interference-free telemetry of measurement signals and the power supply to a robot while it is, for example, drawn along the ocean floor or through arctic waters. For measurement equipment that is set up stationary on the ocean floor and under varying ambient conditions our fixed-lay cables provide the same superior transmission performance.

Our extensive range of products and services for towing and underwater cables

  • Towing cable with/without integrated strength member
  • Highly flexible cable for underwater applications
  • Cable with permanent seawater proof
  • Steel-armoured cable
  • Special solutions according to customer requirements


Underwater cables

for Oceanography & Seismic Systems



The Business Unit Industrial Solutions offers a wide range of cables for the marine technology. More information can be found on the website of the Business Unit Industrial Solutions.