Cable & inter-car jumper systems

LEONI' roof jumper designs include double spirals, which guarantee an optimal bending resistance and elasticity with a demanding cable design and the use of specially developed jacket and insulation materials, for even the highest mechanical, physical and chemical demands.

The highly flexible cable system permanently compensates for vibrations as they arise and distance changes of up to ± 1000 mm. High hydrolysis resistance, good rebound properties at temperatures of –30 °C to +80 °C and high resistance to UV radiation are also provided. The cable satisfies the standard IEC 60332-1.

Benefits for OEMs and operators

  • Complete compensation of three-dimensional relative movements of the fixation points
  • High service reliability with redundant arrangement (double spiral), electrically or mechanically
  • Available in various cross-sections depending on the network layout
  • Secured insulation section to the bellows even in the event of a spiral tear with inherent stability
  • Attachment to supports or sealing end
  • Customer/application-specific connection
  • Product qualification and safeguarding by means of service life testing
  • LEONI engineering (calculation, construction)


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