Cable & inter-car jumper systems

Details will frequently determine the performance and safety of a cable. Special cable solutions by LEONI are matched precisely to their intended purpose and their functions are optimised for it, regardless of whether the application is flexible or fix installed.

Ranges of application

  • Feasibility and concept studies
  • Flexible applications
  • Build-to-print
  • Refurbishment

Benefits for OEMs and operators

  • A development and system partner provides improved technical solutions to reduce interface costs
  • Optimally matched components
  • Thanks to the LEONI value chain, a customized solution and the most rapid availability is possible, even at component level
  • Product qualification and validation through service life testing
  • Simple, safe and fast installation, reduced process costs


Cables & systems

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Tailor-made roof jumper assemblies

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High-tech cables & systems

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