Optical fibers

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Polymer cladded fibers (PCF) have been available on the market for many years and are characterized by being very robust and easy to assemble. PCF consists of a glass core with polymer cladding. What is especially important here is the good adhesion of the cladding material to the glass core, which does not go without saying because of the different expansion coefficients especially at high temperatures. That is where many products on the market differ most. Worldwide there are a vast number of different abbreviations for PCF such as PCS, HCS and HPCF.

LEONI uses a fiber with NA = 0.37, which shows especially low attenuation at 650 and 850 nm, as its standard PCF. The low attenuation makes it possible to bridge distances of up to 500 m in systems designed for PCF with 650 nm and distances of up to 4 km in systems with 850 nm. PCF cables and cable assemblies are suitable for a wide range of applications. Therefore different materials and components customized for the respective application are available. These can be industrial cables for the chemically and mechanically demanding A&D environment as well as temperature and torsion resistant solutions for the control of wind turbines. In some cases connector solutions for quick and easy field assembly can be realized.

Data Sheets

PCF fiber specifications


FiberConnect® PCF cables for direct connector assembly

A-V(ZN)11Y 1K200/230,

I-V(ZN)H 2×1K200/230


FiberConnect® PCF connector with metal, ceramic or plastic ferrules

ST connector (BFOC) PCF


FiberConnect® PCF adapters


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