Optical fibers

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In polymer optical fibers (POF), both the fiber core and the cladding are made of polymers. Key advantages of polymer optical fibers are high flexibility (high alternate bending resistance with smaller bending radii) as well as more economical connecting and transmission technology than in the case of glass.

Moreover, this type of fiber also has all the major benefits of a fiber optical cable connection: EMC security, clear galvanic separation, no crosstalk, low weight POF can by now be used to bridge distances up to 70 meters, which is normally sufficient for both industrial environments and smaller office as well as home networks. It is even possible to cover distances up to 150 meters by selecting suitable active components.

Globally unparalleled quality assurance

LEONI performs a 100 % final check of optical attenuation on all POF cables in series production. This enables us to guarantee first-class quality for our products. Attenuation measurements on entire cable drums (250 and 500 m) represent a particular challenge due to the high optical attenuation of the POF. LEONI uses a measurement system specifically developed for this purpose with an extremely high attenuation budget at 650 nm. POF cables and assemblies are suitable for a variety of application fields, and LEONI offers innovative solutions for the most diverse tasks. In the industrial sector (A&D), the focus is mainly on the behaviour under harsh environmental conditions, chemical resistance and for example drag chain suitability.


POF fiber specifications


FiberConnect® POF cables for direct connector assembly

V-2Y 1P980/1000, V-4Y 1P980/1000, V-4Y 1P980/1000, V-2Y 2×1P980/1000


FiberConnect® POF connector with metal or plastic ferrules